About This Blog

So, I’m Ross Decker Sr. I’m an old man. I’ve been around the block several times and I’m writing this blog to tell you what I’ve seen. I’ve spent 37 years as a born-again Evangelical Christian and the last few as a Catholic.

Please don’t get your theology from me. Protestants tell me I’m too Catholic and Catholics say I’m too Protestant. I try my best to match the Church’s Magisterium. Where the Magisterium and I differ, I concede that I’m wrong.

My intent is to be pretty honest and very hopeful. Someone from WordPress asked me once what my blog was about. I told him my goal was to write 1000 words every Monday that gave somebody hope. I hope I live up to that.

If you find that you like a particular post please share it. Your friends will probably like it too.

If you find that a particular post is silly please share it. Your friends could us a chuckle.

If you find a post particularly boring please share it anyway. Because every blogger needs the shares!

Please consider checking this blog out at my Patreon Page. Some stuff will be available by pledge only. I promise you that it isn’t my intention to make money from the Patreon Page. My goal in publishing my blog on Patreon is to help my church financially. We have about 300 members who are immigrants, mostly coming from Mexico. The current climate in the country is very frightening for them and an already marginalized group is now finding life all the harder. So, since I don’t need the money that would come from patrons, I will donate it all to my parish food pantry. I appreciate anything you might chose to pledge.


The Patreon page is www.patreon.com/BrokenThinking


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