Come Sit Beside Me



Come sit beside me.
There’s so much I want to tell you.
None of it is special.
None of it is important.
I just want to say it to you.

You’re the one I’ve always shared my thoughts with.
And you always share your thoughts with me.
Let’s do that now.
Let’s talk.
Let’s share the thoughts of two lovers.
Come sit beside me.

Come sit beside me and hold my hand.
Hold it like you always do.
Our little Spanky can wedge himself between us.
He always presses his warm furry body against our legs.
We’ll hold hands together and rest them on him.
He never complains.
Come sit beside me.

We’ll snuggle together, the three of us.
It will be just like we did every night.
Just like we did on that night.
We’ll hold hands.
We’ll talk.
We’ll fall in love over and over.
Come sit beside me.

Come sit beside me, my darling.
Tell me your thoughts about God’s love for us.
Tell me about His grace.
Remind me of His mercy.
You’ve always understood it so well.

I need to hear about it now.
I need to believe it.
Would you help me believe it?
Come sit beside me.


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