Ann Feinstein,Credibility and Trust

Recently, my daughter Bethany was looking for an MLM opportunity. As the mother of my young, (beautiful), grandchildren, she wanted an opportunity to run a small business from her home. She started her research.

My son and I had recently stopped doing our MLM project. We’d had some minor success (he more than me), but there was something that we didn’t care for. what we were doing didn’t get us excited nor did it resonate with us on any level. So, we got out and thought we’d washed our hands of the MLM business model entirely.

I did contact someone on Bethany’s behalf. He was a friend from the first MLM venture. What are you guys doing now, I asked. I told him my daughter was seriously looking for an MLM opportunity. Shockingly, he didn’t tell me what he was doing, he directed me to his website. That wasn’t the response I was looking for. I didn’t go to check the site.

A little time went by, I wasn’t looking for anything. And then, Ann Feinstein called Ross Jr. We knew Ann. She was a legend in the MLM world. She had accomplished a lot in business. We admired her and trusted her.

Ann had shown herself to be a great, compassionate person. Our island had been ravaged by Superstorm Sandy (seeĀ Bill Nighy, Yellow Boots and About Time) and she was among the first to respond. We hadn’t set up a charity, there were no tax deductions for donations, only a GoFundMe account and a promise to get the donations to those in need. That was good enough for Ann. She drove to Staten Island with beds and bedding (she knew the Red Cross had refused to supply the local children with dry beds) and joined us at the distribution hub Ross Jr. had set up. She came with a crew and she came with money. She and her husband David came with us along with other members of her company and the two of them negotiated great discounts from Kohls, Loew’s and Home Depot. We were able to really get a good start in helping our neighbors.

So, when Ann asked us to join her in Fuxion, her new project, we were all ears. Ross Jr. was the first in. I joined before I saw the products! If Ann was in, that was good enough for our family. Bethany followed. We had so much of that excitement that we’d always been coached to have but really had never experienced. It translated to an immediate adding of people into the business. We were off and running.

People make the difference in life. If my first friend had had the enthusiasm Ann had we might be working with him. But then, we would have missed the Fuxion opportunity with Ann and David Feinstein. And I wouldn’t have missed that for the world!





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